When studying Cybersecurity best practices, a common theme emerges: most organizations make little effort to manage their Cybersecurity risk. There exists a lack of basic security policies, poor or non-existent employee training, haphazard software patch and anti-virus updates, inadequate data back-up, and often no breach detection or response plan. SECURENET3 can provide you with simple, cost effective and consistent Cybersecurity strategy management to maximize protection of your network, vital systems and confidential information. Don’t have a Cybersecurity strategy? We can help you with that, too.


It has become increasingly obvious that “keeping the hackers out” is no longer a viable solution. SECURENET3 uses a combination of tools from leading vendors such as Cisco, Alien Vault and Barracuda to monitor traffic within your network, constantly seeking threat signatures and unusual activity. Comprehensive event logs are maintained to aid in post event analysis, or for use by law enforcement.


Analyze the threat. Effect remediation. 24x7x365. All detected threats trigger alerts in our Network Support Center. Based on severity, alerts can also be sent to our and/ or your security response specialists via text or email. In severe cases, devices and users can automatically be quarantined from the network until the threat can be investigated and resolved.

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