CTL and TuWay Communications have established a fully committed joint venture.  This partnership was created to offer our clientele a full suite of wireless, and wired mission critical communications solutions.  Additionally the partnership has allowed for the offering of a total managed solutions thus broadening the clientele that we can serve and offer real time monitoring and securing of all networks.  Common ownership in both companies ensure you are getting the best integrated service available anywhere.

TuWay Communications

TuWay Communications is an integrated communications systems provider based in Bethlehem, PA, helping businesses and public safety agencies improve efficiency, safety, and productivity. TuWay utilizes technology to develop advanced long-term solutions built to the organization’s needs. From companies upgrading their current technology to those in search of a new communications system, TuWay can design, engineer, install, and maintain a flexible solution.

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Computing Technologies, LLC

Computing Technologies, LLC (CTL) is an IT Managed Service Provider specializing in hardened and high-uptime environments. In addition to the design, engineering and installation of secure and redundant information systems, CTL employs an advanced real-time monitoring system allowing truly proactive response to the majority of issues. Combined with general network administration, vendor management and end-user support, CTL helps businesses achieve higher uptime, greater system resilience and increased productivity.

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